General information

Allowed weight:
gear box:
Tank capacity:
Steering system:

400 kg
Dry single plate with diaphragm spring,
Hydraulic controller, outer diameter 325 mm
100 liters
Multi-layer flat spring equipped with shock absorber
Two-way telescopic hydraulics
Hydraulic steering wheel

ایران کد دستگاه ایکس ری بازرسی کارگو مدل ru9185 ariotek رایان رشد افزار

Engine specifications

4-cylinder linear high valve, direct injection
Equipped with turbo charger and intercooler
Common channel
5193 (cubic centimeters)
15/2600 (horsepower/rpm)
1500/42 (Newton meters/rpm)


Engine volume:
Maximum power:
Maximum torque:

گواهینامه های ایکس ری بازرسی سازمان انرژی اتمی دانش بنیان ایزو naci iso iec ce

Ariotek X-ray inspection system

Product Catalog

Rayan Roshd Afzar Company (Ltd) is a manufacturer of a complete neutral check workshop equipped in an Isuzu truck.This system is a mobile and independent system for immediate and exible identication and diagnosis, which is ideal for on-site security identication. Ports and borders, airports, sports arenas, conference centers, universities, parks, etc. At its core, the vehicle has a powerful X-ray scanner to check a wide range of objects such as cargo, electronics, boxes, backpacks, suitcases, baby carriages and more. Also, metal detector gate and manual metal detector inspection racket are part of this inspection system.

Key Features

  • High-End Processor Technology

  • Luggage Counter

  • Previous Visible Image Recall

  • Dual-Direction Scanning, 10 minutes Ready to Work

  • Full Reverse Mode

  • Time/Date Displaying & Marking

  • Bi-directional scanning, 10 minutes standby

  • counter of passing people and the number of alarms

  • Can be used in high trac environments

  • Scan a wide range of objects

  • The ability to penetrate steel up to a depth of 30 mm

  • Extremely high sensitivity in the detection of small metals

  • Insulation and air conditioning

  • Multiple language interface (Persian, English, Arabic)

Performance specifications

90 kilometers per hour
35 percent
8.6 meters

Maximum permissible speed with load:
Maximum power up the slope:
Minimum turning radius: