General information

Tunnel dimensions:
Maximum load:
Conveyor belt speed:
Conveyor height:
Maximum allowed load:
dimensions of the device :
Device weight:​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​770 (W) × 567 (H) (mm)
750 (W) × 550 (H) (mm)
0.22 m/s
722 mm
120 kg (evenly distributed)
2100 (L) × 1000 (W) × 1520 (H) (mm)
Approximately 628 kg

ایران کد دستگاه ایکس ری بازرسی چمدانی مدل ru975 ariotek رایان رشد افزار

Technical Specifications

​16 bits, dual energy
38 AWG (0.101 mm, copper wire)
up to 35 mm
65536 gray level

Penetration depth in steel:
Detection sensitivity:

گواهینامه های ایکس ری بازرسی سازمان انرژی اتمی دانش بنیان ایزو naci iso iec ce

Ariotek X-ray inspection system
Luggage series RU975

Product Catalog

Rayan Roshd Azar company (with limited liability) is the first manufacturer of X-ray inspection systems with the license of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the European standard certificate under the Ariotek brand for use in airports, entry and exit points of the country, customs and important public, administrative and It is security. This inspection system includes user interface with ergonomic design, powerful operational functions, ease of operation, high operational efficiency, organic and inorganic material detection technology, automatic detection of explosives and drugs, as well as providing appropriate image quality and correct image analysis. This x-ray machine is used at the entrances of public buildings such as airports, courts, embassies, exhibitions, etc., to inspect travel and mountaineering backpacks and larger accessories such as strollers. The dimensions of the tunnel are 75 x 55 cm, and the packages can be placed inside the machine standing up.​​​​​​

Key Features

  • High-End Processor Technology

  • Luggage Counter

  • Previous Visible Image Recall

  • Image Evaluation Function (VARY-MAT, O2, OS, HI/LO)

  • B/W – Color Image Presentation

  • Full Reverse Mode

  • Time/Date Displaying & Marking

  • Dual-Direction Scanning, 45s Ready to Work

  • Multi Language Interface (Persian-English-Arabic)