Requirements and instructions for ARIOTEK products:

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Product cleaning and maintenance instructions

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Product installation location requirements

X-ray inspection guidelines and requirements are divided into two general categories: equipment and operations. Below are some of these requirements and guidelines:
Equipment requirements:
- X-ray inspection equipment must have an operating license and must be updated.
- Equipment must be updated for optimal operation and comply with the safety checklist.
- Must be subject to a period of regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance scheduled by the manufacturer.
- There should be training courses for operation, maintenance and repairs to use X-ray inspection.
Operation requirements:
Safety labels and signs must be used in accordance with international standards.
- Environmental and safety conditions must be followed when using the X-ray inspection device.
- After the completion of the inspection, the products must be moved safely and according to international standards.

In general, for the safe and optimal use of the X-ray inspection machine, the health and safety requirements and instructions must be followed. For this reason, it is suggested that you study the relevant requirements and instructions before using this device.